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Little Rock, AR, 72205
United States

I am a creative, specializing in Branding, Illustration, Directing, Design, Web, Print, Art, Hand Lettering and infographics. 


Aarhus, Denmark

Kelley Lane

There is something remarkably welcoming about the Danes. My second time visiting the nation's second largest city, and I still believe these are some of the friendliest bunch I have been around.  The pace of life is different in Denmark: The backyard vineyards just outside of the city limits. The lack of processed foods or commercial goods. The babies take naps outside, for goodness sake! The bottom line is that the Danes seem to have a deeper connection to the land around them. Everything has a purpose. 

A perfect mix of modern sustainable practices and old traditions keep the fabric of the city vibrant. There is a clear tie to the history of the country, yet Denmark has come to the forefront for innovative architecture, design as well as wind energy.