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Little Rock, AR, 72205
United States

I am a creative, specializing in Branding, Illustration, Directing, Design, Web, Print, Art, Hand Lettering and infographics. 

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Human Centered Design


Design is about impact.

It starts with people, developing innovative solutions that they’ll embrace, because they helped inform the ideation.

Designing for impact means building partnerships with organizations that know how to bring innovative solutions to life, and continuing to evolve the services and experiences being provided even after they're implemented. 

Know the people we’re designing for. Determine the need to know what to design, how it should work, or why it matters. Then build, test, and iterate until the service is just right. 

Talking to users.

Brainstorming & Testing.

Implementing & adapting.



courses taken: Introduction to Human-Centered Design, Prototyping, Facilitator’s Guide to Human-Centered Design